Buying Land with LJ Hooker

For many people, the thought of building their own home on a plot of land is a particularly appealing idea.

This allows them to create a home that suits them and is often considered to be a favourable alternative to purchasing an existing unit or house.

However, buying land with the intention of living on the property comes with its own unique considerations and you may benefit from the assistance and advice of an experienced real estate agent.

From helping you explore your options when it comes to land for sale to providing you with support throughout your property transaction, your LJ Hooker agent can offer guidance through every stage of the process.

Buying Land - important considerations

If you are thinking about buying land, you'll need to consider the location and proximity to the services you require.

Of course, you'll need to ensure you will be happy living in your new area, so you will want to carefully research the distance you need to travel to reach medical services and schools. Social and entertainment venues, including parks, clubs, shopping centres and community venues are also well worth thinking about.

You'll also want to consider the practical elements of buying land to build a residential home, including the costs of connecting and maintaining your essential utilities and services.

These can differ from the services you may be familiar with if you currently live in an urban area - including sewerage and fire control in addition to telephone, broadband, water, gas and electricity.

With plenty of in-depth knowledge about your local area, an LJ Hooker agent is perfectly-positioned to offer valuable insight and advice as you plan your rural property purchase.

Selling Land with LJ Hooker

Likewise, if you are looking to sell rural land for residential development, your LJ Hooker agent can help you achieve the best possible exposure to potential buyers.

Our specialised land marketing team offers a complete range of services for developers - including full estate branding strategies, pricing strategies, contract processing and sales management.

Whether you develop residential subdivisions or have a single plot of land for sale, you'll find our reporting processes keep you informed on a week-by-week basis.

The fully-licensed LJ Hooker land team can offer you complete support for any land project, including development, estate rebranding, marketing proposals and other services.

Contact your local office today to find out how we can help with your land sale from start to finish.

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